Katarina Jazbec

The Slovenian artist Katarina Jazbec (*1991) works with film and photography. She expands these media through interdisciplinary and collaborative strategies and tools - such as reading groups, rituals or text work - to question and expand their narrative possibilities. The artist's focus is on using the tools of fiction to bring out and emphasise the hidden layers of everyday reality. Her work explores the vulnerability of humans and nature within contemporary economic infrastructures, reflects on the possibilities of coexistence and investigates non-institutionalised forms of knowledge.

Katarina Jazbec studied in the Bachelor at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and received an MA in Photography from AKV I St. Joost Art Academy in Breda (The Netherlands). She lives in Rotterdam (NL).

Ycam filmstill kjazbec 17 Wandersalon ©

Reflecting Landscape in Dreams

During the event, Katarina Jazbec will give insights into her current research and show her films You Can't Automate Me and Permeating Hearts.