Lubov Malikova

Lubov Malikova is a Ukrainian artist from Kyiv. She has a background in sociology and various creative areas from dance to illustration and – together with Max Poberezhsky – runs the collaborative art group and experimental design studio DIS/ORDER. Within DIS/ORDER she is working on multidisciplinary projects – such as the branch activity Queer Chapel –, situations, installations, graphics, and wearables, involving subjects of mutation, religion, social transformations, and technology.

For the last 6 years DIS/ORDER has been also functioning as a mysterious underground fashion brand. This involves the political attempt to overcome capitalist standards of the industry, having interesting results in researching and pushing the field forward. The collective – for example - produced and supplied thousands of signature "smiley" facemasks for ∄ that are now well-known among Ukrainian ravers and worldwide.

Lubov Malikova has contributed to IZOLYATSIYA platform and SVITLOGRAD project at Donbas, exhibited in VCRC (Kyiv), Saatchi Gallery (London), Art Arsenal (Kyiv).

Luba and her two kids flee from the Russian terrorist action at their homeland.

As a resident of the program Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr she is based in Essen.

UKR Residentin Luba Malikova 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 3930