Reinhold Zisser

Reinhold Zisser (b. 1980) sees the focus of his work in initiating and shaping processes, art as an event, which ultimately manifests itself in objects. In these processes, he understands curatorial action and the system "art institution" as a material for generating new works. His most extensive project is the Notgalerie which evolved in the shack of an abandoned emergency church.

Currently the artist works on a decentralised, linked sculpture, with the working title Notgalerie #Europe, which takes place at several venues in Europe – among them in Vienna, Prague, Porto, Bochum, and Arad in Israel.

Reinhold Zisser was awarded with the Austrian State Scholarship for Fine Arts and a scholarship from the Otto Mauer Fund in 2019. He founded projects such as Notgalerie, MUSOÄ (Museum for Social Aesthetics), the artist space LLLLLL and Kunstland Nord.

From October to December 2022, Reinhold Zisser is a resident artist in the program Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr in Bochum.

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