Yuri Yefanov

Yuri Yefanov (b. 1990 in Zaporizhzhya) is an artist and filmmaker. He grew up in Crimea, in Hurzuf and is now based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yuri Yefanov graduated from the Kyiv University of Culture and Arts at the Faculty of Film and TV Directing. He participated in international experimental film festivals and exhibitions in Europe and the USA, recently he showed his work at the Art and History Museum, Brussels and at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (both 2022)

As a resident of the program Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr Yuri Yefanov is based in Bochum since July 2022.

UKR Resident Yuri Yefanov 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 2078
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Reden wir über etwas Anderes – Let`s talk about something else

Die Kuratorin Natalia Matsenko und der Künstler Yuri Yefanov entwickeln im Kunstmuseum Bochum ein fortlaufendes Programm an Veranstaltungen und Videoarbeiten.