Stimmen aus dem Off

Voices Offstage

by Monika Gintersdorfer, Jeewi Lee, Sybille Peters, Nora Sdun, Boris Sieverts & Raul Walch

Spring 2020 was held in private, inside one’s own four walls – a space seemingly so familiar that now suddenly felt so new. And a space that the corona measures made feel more enclosed, yet at the same time more public than ever before.

In these times of social distancing, curfews and closed borders, six voices from the world of art have considered certain questions: What impact have these changed conditions had on urban space, public life and the community? How can we create a transfer between our interior and exterior spaces? Or is it precisely the divorce between inside and outside that offers an opportunity to draw positive aspects from the pandemic?

The Voices:

Boris Sieverts – Fairground without the Fair
Jeewi Lee – 33°31’40.0"N 7°48’15.8"W
Sybille Peters – Assemblies in Crisis
Nora Sdun – Rambling in the Mind
Raul Walch – Art in the Time of Cholera
Monika Gintersdorfer – ensemble / together

Ruhr Network City: The Ruhr Area as a Rhizome

Cities change in character. As factory buildings and shopping streets disappear, a globalized economy and digitized everyday life produces different urban spaces.

Potholes and intermediate spaces: when art enters life

Recently it was shown again: a white painted clapboard facade in the style of an American suburban detached house rolled through the streets of Detroit.

Stop there, please!

What is the aim of art mediation and what does this collective experiences mean for the aesthetic perception of artistic works?