“Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr” — 2021/​22 residencies

In 2022, Urbane Künste Ruhr, under the artistic direction of Britta Peters, is inviting a total of 15 international artists to live and work in the Ruhr region for the fourth time. The loose, thematic bracket for the residency programme in 2022 is called "Future".

Since 2018, Urbane Künste Ruhr has initiated the residency programme Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr for international artists in the Ruhr region under the artistic direction of Britta Peters together with various cooperation partners based in the region. The three- or twelve-month residencies are initially awarded independently of concrete project proposals and enable the artists to get to know the region, to incorporate these experiences into their existing work or to develop new ideas from them. The candidates for the decentralised residency programme are selected through a proposal process or, in exceptional cases, through an open call for proposals.

In 2022, the cooperation with the KunstVereineRuhr, an association of various art associations and artists' houses, which has existed since the beginning of the programme, will be continued. The Haus der Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets in Bochum and the Halfmannshof in Gelsenkirchen will also open their doors again for two artists each who want to use the specific content-related or digital research possibilities for their work on site. New additions are the collaborations with the Makroscope - Centre for Art and Technology in Mülheim an der Ruhr and with the Kunstmuseum Bochum.

Fav 1 UKR Residentin Nadja Abt 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 7523 Artist ©

Nadja Abt

In her performances, videos and paintings, Nadja Abt constructs feminist narratives that reference the world of literature and film.

Fav 2 UKR Resident Deniz Aktas 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 5320 Artist ©

Deniz Aktaş

In his work Deniz Aktaş captures human and environment relations affected by urban decay, environmental collapse, human migration, and the traumatic transformation of city and nature.

UKR Artists in Residence Jan Berger 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 1315 Artist ©

Jan Berger

Jan Berger's practice is primarily occupied with the ludic formation of cultural mythologies and the production of subjectivity in online spaces.

UKR Resident Fabian Hampel 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 1643 Artist ©

Fabian Hampel

Fabian Hampel deals with contemporary technologies and is interested in linear, reflexive forms as well as abstract borderlands.

UKR Resident Jan Kiesswetter 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 0810 Artist ©

Jan Kiesswetter

In his work, Jan Kiesswetter produces publications and, increasingly, film documentaries. Recurring themes in his work are the representation of architectures and archives and the reading of images.

UKR Resident 2022 Marc Kokopeli c Daniel Sadrowski Artist ©

Marc Kokopeli

Marc Kokopeli's work is overly concerned with how identity is formed during childhood.

UKR Artists in Residence Magdalena Los 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 1386 small Artist ©

Magdalena Los

In Magdalena Los’ digitally collaged visual worlds, everyday views collide with private screenshots or references to popular film scenes, works of art and current news from various departments.

UKR Resident Iris Ward Loughran 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 0984 Artist ©

Iris Ward Loughran

Iris Ward Loughran is sculptor, photographer, and urbanist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

UKR Residentin Luba Malikova 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 3879 Artist ©

Lubov Malikova

Lubov Malikova is a Ukrainian artist and – together with Max Poberezhsky – runs the collaborative art group and experimental design studio DIS/ORDER.

Fav 1 UKR Resident Philipp Modersohn 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 7734 Artist ©

Philipp Modersohn

Philipp Modersohn's sculptures, animated films, and interdisciplinary projects highlight the vibrancy of things / matter and confront these with man-made structures and systems of social organization.

Fav1 UKR Artists in Residence Nollaig Molloy 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 3647 Artist ©

Nollaig Molloy

Nollaig Molloy works with moving image, sculptural installation and sound while sometimes using workshop and event-based outcomes, to explore landscape through material means.

UKR Artists in Residence Henrik Nieratschker 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 3856 Artist ©

Henrik Nieratschker

Henrik Nieratschker's artistic work deals with the social implications of our lives within a digital infrastructure.

UKR Artists in Residence Alina Schmuch 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 1574 small Artist ©

Alina Schmuch

Based on photography and its extension in the medium of film, Alina Schmuch uses artist's books, video and installation to investigate the interaction between the visual medium and reality.

UKR Residentin Haha Wang 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 5293 Artist ©

Haha Wang

Haha Wang works mainly in sculpture and installation but also in video. In her works, the intimate feelings of both humans and animals are conveyed and transformed by unexpected objects or events.

UKR Resident Yuri Yefanov 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 2078 Artist ©

Yuri Yefanov

Yuri Yefanov is a Ukrainian artist and filmmaker from Kiev who has participated in international experimental film festivals and exhibitions in Europe and the USA.