Camilo Pachón

Camilo Pachón is a multidisciplinary artist and curator working between Colombia and Germany. He deals with collective processes and the mask as an ancient technology: tools that dissolve the self, change their contexts and allow us to imagine new worlds and create new connections with people and ecosystems. With his project proposal The Ancient Masked Temple, the artist aims to create a collective space in the Healing Complex with a programme of workshops, readings, performances and the traditions of carnival.

Camilo Pachón (*Bogotá) lives and works in Colombia and Schöppingen/Münster. His works have recently been shown in solo and group exhibitions at the Temporary Gallery, Cologne (2023) and LIA FARO, Bogotá (2023).

Camilo Porträt 1 Foto Sara Alvarado
Healing Complex 09 Specials ©

Healing Complex Takeover

From April to the end of June 2024, the artists Anne Arndt and Camilo Pachón will take over the Healing Complex and develop a programme for the neighbourhood and other interested parties.