Lütfiye Güzel

Lütfiye Güzel, born in Duisburg in 1972 and travelling between the Ruhr and Berlin, is a poet and has been publishing poems under her own label go-güzel-publishing since 2014. In 2017, Lütfiye Güzel was awarded the Ruhr Literature Prize, and in 2014 she was the recipient of the Fakir Baykurt Culture Prize. Her current book "ich.soll.ruhiger.werden." was published in 2023.

As part of the exhibition My Body Is Not An Island by Eva Koťátková, there was a creative writing workshop with the poet:

Deleting words, blackening sentences and putting something new together from the remaining gaps in the text: In her workshop BLACKOUTS! the poet Lütfiye Güzel gives practical insights into her lyrical technique of the same name. In her poems, Lütfiye Güzel observes the everyday and the human between humour and melancholy and at the same time paints a pointed, socio-critical picture of the present. The resistant potential of Lütfiye Güzel's poetry is also evident in the way she incorporates materiality and craft into her works: newspaper clippings assembled into collages yield a different meaning and passages of text are given a new interpretation by deleting words or sentences.

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Moving through the World. Reading and Talk with Lütfiye Güzel, Anneke Lubkowitz and Stephan Muschick

Together with Lütfiye Güzel, Anneke Lubkowitz and Stephan Muschick, we will jointly investigate various modalities of navigating the world.

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My Body Is Not An Island

My Body Is Not an Island invites us to empathise with others and to learn how to use emotions as a way in to the world: Bring your emotions and your jackets too, the artist tells us.