Maria Renée Morales Garcia

Maria Renée Morales Garcia (born in Guatemala, lives in Münster) is a visual artist who often deals with the intersectionality of identity, looking at it through a decolonial and queer-feminist lens. They have recently graduated from the Kunstakademie Münster and is Meisterschülerin from Mariana Castillo Deball. They have received the six month residency scholarship for the Cité International des Arts Paris. Renée's work aims to encourage the viewer to question their positionality and remember the political impact it has. Through sparked moments between anger and pleasure, it aims to remind the reality of living in a cis-heteronormative patriarchy. Renee's work is mostly installation based, but can often be experienced through different happenings, workshops or performances.

In her installation My Body Is Not An Island, Eva Koťátková deals with questions that revolve around empathy and various forms of care: The workshop can you repeat it? with artist Maria Renée Morales Garcia takes up these themes and will work with words and sentence fragments from the exhibition in a protected setting. Participants will be able to engage intensively with the installation and finally, ceramic letters will be reassembled in unexpected combinations and taken home as a lasting memory.

Dates: 3.9. and 17.9. 15—18 pm, participation from 16 years after registration via

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My Body Is Not An Island

My Body Is Not an Island invites us to empathise with others and to learn how to use emotions as a way in to the world: Bring your emotions and your jackets too, the artist tells us.