Guy Dermosessian

For Ruhr Ding: Schlaf, the project Cute Community Radio – based in the Ruhr Area and founded by Guy Dermosessian – loosely emulates the late-night talk show format as a classic radio genre, exploring the question “In what language do you dream?” Each Thursday evening, broadcasts on the topic of language, rest, and sleep are streamed live on the proprietary website, featuring invited artists and international guests from the spheres of pop culture. Totally new compositions and DJ sets are created in collaboration with fellow musicians – from an experimental interpretation of one’s own sleep rhythm curves to comatose music for falling asleep. In contrast to site-specific installations, the radio format earmarks the sound waves received globally as a commons, thus permitting even those audiences who are far away to directly participate in local activities.

Guy Dermosessian is a DJ and the founder of the Kalakuta Soul Records music label, which he has been running since 2009. For over ten years he has been travelling with his eclectic sets through club landscapes all over the world. As an event organiser, Dermosessian conceptualises various music series, festivals, and interdisciplinary art projects in public space, most recently the Kalakuta Soul Picnic staged at different sites across the Ruhr Area. Some time ago, with the collaboration of Maral Saremi, he founded the platform Cute Community for the production and dissemination of music, art and knowledge. Guy Dermosessian's most recent endeavor is called Cute Community Radio, a local broadcasting format with talks, DJ sets, and sometimes a live audience in the Cute Community Space.

The radio shows can be accessed via the Cute Community Radio website:

Guy Dermosessian
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Cute Community Radio - Hudu’ Nisbi – هدوء نسبي

For the Ruhr Ding: Schlaf, Guy Dermosessian curates the eight-week radio format Hudu’ Nisbi at the Cute Community Space.