Johanna Gonschorek

Johanna Gonschorek's work explores the relationships between memory, epistemes, politics and power relations. Her research-based focus often expands into the media of audio, sculpture, paper, performance and text. Her sound sculptures and works on paper address the possibilities and limits of language and image reproduction. Concrete biographies, research, contexts, illustrations and narratives are expanded in their possibilities of experience through sculptural, material and acoustic settings. The contents are enlivened in their material and temporal fragility and the context of production and reproduction becomes vital.

Johanna Gonschorek studied cultural studies and art in Munich and Athens. Her work has been shown at Bonner Kunstverein, Produzentengalerie Hamburg, Haus der Kunst (2022), Kunstverein München, LOOVAS, Galerie der Stadt Schwaz (2021), Marwan Amsterdam (2019). In 2022 she received the Contemporary Art Prize of the Rotary Club Bonn, Strasbourg, Novara.

Johanna Gonscharek was a resident at the Haus der Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets in Bochum from April to June 2023.

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With the event, Urbane Künste Ruhr presents an interim status of the cooperation with the Stiftung Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets within the framework of the residency programme for artists.