Build on Sand

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The title of this Wandersalon Auf Sand gebaut (Built on Sand) derives from a typeface by Lawrence Weiner saying: “Having been built on Sand With another basis (base) in fact” (German: Auf Sand gebaut Tatsächlich (aus) auf anderem Grund”.) Weiner’s work can be found on the house façade of the GAK – Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst in Bremen - and refers to the sandy ground of the building.

On the occasion of the Wandersalon on air #27 the artists Deborah Ligorio and Michel de Broin will be in conversation with the curator Vlado Velkov and Britta Peters, artistic director at Urbane Künste Ruhr. Both artists present new works at the upcoming exhibition project Ruhr Ding: Klima, that takes place from May 8 to June 26, 2021 in Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Recklinghausen and Haltern am See. Their works are going to be on display at Silbersee 2, an exhibition place situated in the lake and in its environment.

The participants will discuss both Deborah Ligorio’s and Michel de Broin’s artistic practice and especially their approaches and new works at Silbersee 2 as well as the challenges andpotential of the lake and its environment as exhibition place. The title can be put into relation to the Silbersee 2 on various levels: formerly used as a place for the mining of quartz sand and having been transformed into a seaside resort the Silbersee 2 immediately relates to the title both in its geography and history.


Britta Peters
Artistic director Urbane Künste Ruhr

Deborah Ligorio

Michel de Broin

Vlado Velkov


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Deborah Ligorio Artist ©

Deborah Ligorio

Deborah Ligorio's artistic research connects ecological, technological, and feminist conceptual models, lending them various forms of expression.

Michel de broin Artist ©

Michel de Broin

Michel de Broin works at the interfaces of art, technology, and physics. His interdisciplinary practice is based on an artistic-scientific exploration of productivity, consumption, and waste.