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Since 2017, the artist duo Hecke/Rauter has been dealing in their artistic work with animal preparations and how they transport memories and narratives. In Wandersalon #29, Alisa Hecke and Julian Rauter talk to Alisha Danscher, curatorial assistant of Urbane Künste Ruhr, on the occasion of their audiovisual installation Der lange Abschied (The Long Goodbye), which was created in collaboration with scenographer Franz Thöricht and can be seen in a 1950s kiosk in Gelsenkirchen as part of this year's Ruhr Ding: Klima.

Based on the artistic engagement of the artist duo, the Wanderersalon establishes connections between the history and practice of taxidermy and the climate in both social and ecological terms, as well as to the region: not only is Bochum home to the only taxidermy school in Germany, but it was also the site of Bochum's long-established Zur Uhle inn, once known for its extensive zoological collection.

The talk will be recorded in advance and will be available on Youtube from June 1, 7 pm.


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Hecke Rauter Thöricht 2021 Gustav Franz 2 Artist ©

Hecke / Rauter / Thöricht

For many years now, the duo Hecke/Rauter (Alisa Hecke and Julian Rauter) has been exploring the topic of taxidermy through installations, extended performances, and stage productions.