Grupa Mauczka

Grupa Mauczka is a collaborative group consisting of Julia Nitschke, Natalie Pielok, Desiree Kabis, Tubi Malcharzik, Cäcilia Wosnitzka and other accomplices whose common points of reference are the historical border region of Górny Śląsk/Upper Silesia and the concept of post-East. Based on their own family biographies, the group addresses questions of belonging and the culture of memory of Polish-German migration history.

In their sound work Sprachnachrichten übers Schlonsken, they invite the audience into their reality of Upper Silesian misunderstandings and present their practice of Verschlonsken. A practice that takes a queer look at family narratives and historical events and shakes up nationalistically conceived borders. The work was presented, among others, as part of the exhibition Nach:Denkmal at the Fuchsbau Festival 2022 (Hanover) and in the programme Archives in our homes, which was jointly curated by PACT Zollverein (Essen) and the Association for Black Art_ists e.V.. This year, funded by Culture Moves Europe, the group visited the festival Przegląd Piosenki Przegiętej: ZOSTAŃ Z NAMI by the collective Śląsk Przegięty in Katowice.

Date: On 9.9., from 11 am, the sound installation can be visited at the Healing Complex. From 2 pm the artists invite you to Dindać with coffee and Silesian poppy cake.

Sprachnachrichten übers Schlonsken
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Season Closing with Sprachnachrichten übers Schlonsken and Mycel Bankett

With a sound installation, shared Dindać with coffee and Silesian poppy cake and the concluding Mycel Bankett, we will bring the season to a close at the Healing Complex.